Wakefield Resident Review

Papa Jack arrived at our house with a big portable warming carrier full of food. The smells were WONDERFUL! He had a yummo appetizer made with cream cheese and lump crap meat covered in red pepper jam, served on a variety of fresh wafers. For a starter course, Papa Jack had prepared an authentic chicken and andouille sausage gumbo (with a kick). The main course consisted of pulled pork BBQ, an authentic Cajun chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya, oven roasted vegetables, a sweet cucumber and tomato salad, cowboy baked beans (using five different beans), coleslaw, hush puppies, and for desert, homemade peach cobbler. Of course, the pulled pork was the BEST pork barbeque!

Papa Jack and his son, Brian, quickly and efficiently set everything up in our kitchen. Each item was served in a silver chafing dish. It was a nice presentation and a wonderful variety of food.

Here are some of our guests' comments:

  • "I loved everything that I tried! Excellent!"
  • "Very good hot and cold dishes. Pork was the best I have had in the South. The roasted veggies were done to perfection!"
  • "My favorite was the pork and roasted Vegetables."
  • "Excellent experience"
  • "I ate EVERYTHING! I will definitely recommend Papa Jack for catering."
  • "The food was great. The flavors that he had pulled out of the ingredients were amazing. Truly loved the cucumber and tomato salad. The dill that he added to it was not expected. It really made a nice combination."
  • "The owner and his assistant are very friendly and welcoming. Good Southern food. Great idea for a rehearsal dinner if having a lot of out-of-town guests."
  • "Great food and well worth SECONDS!"
  • "The best pulled pork I've had in years. He makes it the way it is suppose to be done. And, the hush puppies were good from the beginning of the meal to the end of the meal. I don't know how he does it, but they are the best. They are 'breaded' enough to use to sop-up the juice in the chicken jambalaya, which was good to the last drop. The coleslaw was fresh and not soupy like some. The hot peach cobbler was the best! With or without vanilla ice cream. For a real catered North Carolina meal, Papa Jack's can't be beat."
My husband, Greg, met Papa Jack at a wedding. He loved the food and suggested that I call him. (Greg is a good ole Southern boy. I'm from New York. We have a blast trying to understand each other's food choices and accents.) Greg knows food. Especially good Southern food. He was impressed and then I was too.

While we were socializing, James Dunn, our massage therapist, gave us all chair massages. He went right for the tense muscles. The strength is his fingers and hands&endash;are like Sampson's.

Papa Jack's Pig Pickin catering is great for home parties, tailgating, family reunions, weddings and rehearsal dinners; any time you need authentic Southern food and hospitality. He shows up, presents the food, and when he leaves–my kitchen didn't even know that he was there. It was clean. While Papa Jack's company name indicates that they do pig pickins, which is true, they can also get "all dressed up" and make your wedding or intimate home dinner party an event to remember. They provide authentic Southern cooking and hospitality, no matter what the event.

Papa Jack's motto is "All you have to do is enjoy your party and your guests, and we will do the rest!"

Papa Jack offers a variety of food, for a variety of tastes and budgets. He even has prime rib! Check out his website for more information.

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